About us

Kis Residence has an alluring timeline. A land of family heritage to a secluded luxury abode. Damir and Veselka Kis, both born in Croatia, settled in Australia where they enjoyed a life of hard work and raising a family.

They have always dreamed to return to their homeland where they would create a legacy for the future generations. Upon visiting the village of Kneze on a family holiday in 2002, they were both inspired to turn this empty and untended farm land into a waterfront residence. In 2004 Damir returned and two years one Veselka and their Son Franjo moved back to Croatia to begin work on the design, clearing and construction of the property.

Over the course of the next 13 years, the Kis family have turned a bushland, to single family dwellings, to apartments and then to the Kis Residence as we know it today.
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